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Ekstension: Daglige Skitser

Daglige Skitser

Nu kan mine elskværdige og beundringsværdige harmoniske tegninger blive nydt med (forhåbentlig) nye tegninger DAGLIGT!

Med dette kan jeg give min mor et dejligt smil hver dag, skævt smil, men stadigt et smil. Samtidigt vil det hjælpe mig med at tvinge mig selv igang dagligt (dog har jeg allerede en slacker plan).

Grunden til dette er flyttet til Tumblr istedet er for at give plads på min primære blog til at fremvise større projekter og udvalgte illustrationer. Jeg vil fra tid til anden udvælge mine egne favoritter af de daglige og indsætte dem i et indlæg på hovedbloggen.

Tumblr giver også en let måde at skrive en hurtig kommentar eller spørge mig om noget, det kan gøres under linket til højre på tumblr bloggen “Ask me anything“, brug endeligt denne mulighed til at erklære din kærlighed, komme med forslag og inspiration, spørge mig om bænkebiddere eller bare skrive noget pis for at distrahere mig.

Welcome to Poly-Blog

Hi, welcome to Polybooms blog, here is a list of important and interesting pages.



Weekend! Day 8 – Chilling with friends

Weekend! Day 8 – Chilling with friends and stomatch ache.

Yesterday I planned with Magnus to plan a trip to Downtown today for today with Magnus, Martin, Christian, Troels and Tobias. I woke up around ten and turned on my computer, neither Magnus or Martin were online, but Tobias was and I contacted him and told him about the plan. Later Martin came on and we did a little chat before I proceeded to eat Cerial and play Team Fortress 2 with my friends from New York and the neab clan. We had still not planned the trip at all and so Martin proceeded to send messages on Skype and calling me, resulting in Team Fortress 2 crashing and later lagging, which makes the game unplayable.

It ended up with me webcaming myself to Martin and Magnus while kicking Troels out of bed. We then had to wait like half an hour for our bus when Troels and I finally made it to the meeting place the others weren’t there!

We first guessed they also had problems with the busses as it is weekend and a lot of busses isn’t going, while we waited and began to become hungry, I suddenly came up with this genious idea! What if we walked in to the nearest Starbucks or Subway and got us something to eat or drink to pass the time and then IF the others already were there when we came back we could just lie and say that we had just arrived with bus!

Turns out that while I was excitingly explaining this to Troels and we were all like looking the way to the nearest Starbucks and Subway, while watching a smaller group of people walk down towards the bus station we were on, we suddenly came to realize that those people were them, they got here first and come up and executed the exact same plan!

Well, we got a little laugh and took the first bus to downtown, then walked  around for some time and checked out the comic and collection store with the Green Lantern Promo ring again, but no one bought The One Ring to rule them all.

We all took a bus back to the meeting spot from downtown and visited a center there and later ate at a Chinese restaurant that Christian had recommended.

Imaging you have 17,50 dollars (95 dkk), now buy the biggest and tastiest meal you can make/get for that, was that as big as five tables with various foods from crab, snails, oisters and mussels to hotwings, pizza, baked shrimps and deserts such as cakes and cookies and a sushi stand, icecream bar and even salat and decorations for the icecream bar? I don’t think so! And don’t forget there were free refills of your liquid too! They also gave great service and made the stay comfortable for us. That place is going to get a revisit or two.

Regarding the slow updates on the blog

It is taking a lot of my free time to write it and as much as I love writing it I can’t keep it up. And so I will stop writing at a day to day basis and instead just write up whatever major events that come back to my head whenever I decided summarizing the days. If I had a phone with an internet connection and a twitter app. I would have kept you updated about my everyday much faster and much more, but that just isn’t possible either.

I’ve also been updating the site a little with a broken frame of twitter for easier access for people who don’t have much online experience. I’ll look into getting it to work, else I’ll just make it go directly to twitter instead of it being in a frame, which I also will be making it do as a quick fix when I come around to doing that. is up!

The site is finally up and running, not just as a blog, but as a whole, well, almost.

  • I find the frontpage in an acceptable condition, I still need a new profile photo and redo some of the text.
  • The portfolio page needs a lovely flash which let’s the user see my renditions and watch my videoes.
  • The services and Contact page needs some images and text to stuff them up.
  • And the blog needs some minor changes and I’ll see about making or getting a custom theme.

I’m working on an action filled and kinder big introduction sequence for Red and will fill the blog up with information as it comes along.

The homepage is ready!

The page that is going to be located at is ready, but I will have to wait before I can move to a new host, until then I will mostly concentrate on preparing for the exam, doing the last pages for and most of all studying 3D. only need a few pages and those will mostly be of text and a few images, the hardest page to do now is the Portfolio page where I show off my renders and videos, my deepest wish is to get it all made in flash and as customizable as possible.

Site update

I’ve found a solution that will let me have PHP and aspx, the solution is that I will be moving the site to a new host called surftown, which only allows me php or aspx, it will be aspx.

The blog will then still be hosted on this host, but will be moved to another domain name, I will then make a site (like display the site where the blog is on.

Which means (site -> blogsite -> blog).

Hopefully I will be able to make this happen today and I will be able to upload the actual site on!

The homepage of Polyboom almost looks like the .psd by Michael Christensen now, I only need the flashbanner and a few buttons.

Check the todo-list to see what else has to be done! Here

Polyboom is going live!

Welcome to Polybooms blog!

The site is still under construction.

Please help make this a success, you can do so by linking to the site, commenting on my posts and/or lastly, the easiest way to contribute to me, which still helps A LOT, is visiting this site frequently.

(Save this site as your favorite or something so you do not forget about me! The best thing would be if you made this your start-page so you will visit every time you open your browser!)

If you do not have anything to say about any of my blog posts, then you can still write in the guestbook.

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What is Polyboom?

PolyBoom is the online portfolio of the artist and freelancer Jonas Ahm. Here you’ll find my 3D portfolio containing finished, rendered pieces of my CG characters, creatures and other projects. The showreel contains breakdowns of a few of my projects. Aside from the creative process I put some emphasis to my workflow and how to get the most out of the tools. I also have a Blog where I write in more details about my works and whatever I do in life. And not to forget I use it to write about my research and explorations in the art of: modeling, sculpting, texturing, lighting, rendering and animation. Unless otherwise stated, every piece in this portfolio has been created from scratch by yours truly. I hope you will enjoy your stay at my site and find some useful or inspiring things around here. Drop me a line if you are interested in getting in touch with me, you can find contact information on the Contact page.