Sorry for not posting in a while and never posting the end of the Seattle Trip, but with limited time I have to priorities and the blog is currently low on the list.

From the 8th to the 10th April, I joined the first ever GameJam Grenaa, which is an event where we as groups compete to create the best game in 48 hours.

The groups was made by the judges who put people into 5 different groups at random. The event had 25 participant.

My group consisted of:

Tor  Esa Vestergaard

Thomas Andresen

Daniel Jürgyensen

Tobias Nielsen

og mig selv.

We made a 2D Platformer which can be downloaded and played here:

The controls are:

Arrowkeys to move

Space to jump

F to pull levers.


You will have to experiment to see what the different lasers do, good luck.

My team won and we each got a xBox Slim as prize!