Weekend! Day 7 – Chilling with the hostess

 When it is weekend I’ll begin to show my true form, or rather not show myself at all as I’ll be sleeping all day! Troels and I first got up from bed when it turned post meridium.

Marysol had made some soup, I don’t know if it is meant to be eaten as breakfast, but I took some and it tasted great, it felt like there were millions of tastes jumping on my tongue the whole time, great stuff. The only problem was that the piece were too big so I couldn’t just put them in my mouth without some of it hanging out, but I couldn’t cut it with my spoon either, I was out of options and chose just to put the whole pieces in my mouth after I have desperately tried to chop it up in smaller pieces.

We later was taken by Vincent and Marysol around town and was shown where a lot of the rich and important people live, it was a pretty fun experience, I’m impressed how many big business people live in Seattle. They also drew us to Google’s Headquarters.

When we talk about a big mall, then we talk big in america, we entered the parking house, which had multiple floors (I think 5 floors) and on the way in there were signs that told us how many spots were free on each floors, sadly they all said they were full. But I don’t understand how they could count it as when we got ready to pay for entrance all we got was a smiley and a message saying it was free to park today, we managed to squish in to a spot on the fifth floor.

With a parking lot achieved we exited the car and entered an elevator and took it upwards, the reason I include this is to tell you that; there were elevator music!

Then we dropped out on a floor with an arcade, we entered the arcade and walked over to get some cards with points on that we had to use to play on the machines. Vincent and Marysol paid for our cards as generous as they are, the cards contained 3000 points each which is enough to play games for hours, they also joined in the fun themselves.

Troels and I tried out some interesting arcade games, the arcade wasn’t that impressive, they didn’t have a big range of titles and most of them (or almost all of them) was driving/racing games. But we had fun, I kicked his ass in Guitar Hero: The Arcade version while he beat me at.. nahh, he never beat me at anything.

What amazed me the most was a DC Universe arcade game, it was of the beat-em-up type where you scroll around the screen beating up weak enemy minions until you reach the boss, it was a coop game so we played it together. I chose the invincible Superman while Troels chose the weak human with no super abilities Batman and we began our adventure to save the world (or Metropolis and Gotham City?). Well we started in a desert-like level where we walked inwards the screen while beating up insect-humanoid-alien-things. The controls had Quick, Strong, Defence and Power buttons and a joystick, my quick button didn’t work so I couldn’t do any quick japs. A few seconds after we had started the game and we had beaten up a few groups of bad guys we realize that we aren’t as invincibleas we though as our healthbars was almost drained so we decided to just dash through the rest of the level ignoring the enemies, we actually managed to get to the level boss and while we fought him we magically got our health restored! But our health got drained quickly again, it was like every time we didn’t use the defense button to dash around the screen our health got drained and we couldn’t fight while dashing. We ended up losing against the boss even though we had found out an almost perfect way to beat him which was to dash around and then land a hit from time to time on him.

From all that the game sounds like an actually fun game to play, but the game itself was horrible with bad controls, bad hitboxes and bad graphics, it was just weird and hilarious how much fail it contained.

As I said, the arcade got almost only racing games and we ended up playing some of them, Need of Speed Carbon: Arcade version were actually a lot of fun to play as we always ended up in close games and even if one of us manages to hit a wall with the front of the car and makes a full stop we somehow managed to get back in the game and at times win. I got a feeling the game cheated a little and let a player who is really long behind have a boost without us noticing.

We also tried a car-game where we both had a wheel, but only one of us drove the car at a time, the game changed which player controlled the car as the player who controlled it made mistakes, weird game, fun, but it felt like it ate our points as both players could just play one at a time instead of paying twice as much to switch all the time making the game harder and letting the player play for half the time you could play alone.

With a lot of points on our card left we all went to turn them into tickets by playing games such as trowing basketballs and some kind of mini-bowling, our favorite was apparently the game where you just threw coins in and hoped more coins felt down than you threw in, which would then turn into tickets.

All in all we collected 810 tickets which we bought candy for. I believe I picked the most awesome piece of candy in existence, a JawBreaker with sour taste! It is so big that I believe you can’t close your mouth around it.

After the arcade we went to rent another movie on the way back and we also got us some food on McDonalds, Troels and I got us a Big Mac Meal each, we also bought drinks, I don’t know why we did that since we were going to take it back into the car and home, I guess I was brainwashed at the time and it was McDonalds fault for making me purchase something I could just have gotten back home.

When we returned home and had eaten our meals we put the movie on, I decided to be an asocial bastard and contact Magnus on Facebook and got his Skype, we planned to plan a trip downtown tomorrow, yeah stupid..

Weekends are tough as you just want to rest, but you know it is time to wash your clothes, but as generous as Marysol is she asked if we had anything that needed to be washed and she did it for me! My clothes has been saved from an experiment ones again!