I’ve recently made a video that educates a little about the Visual Snow condition, it is only meant to inform friends, family, etc. and hopefully make them take Visual Snow seriously. The video focuses on the visual aspects of having Visual Snow, but many other symptoms are associated with it and I recommend you educate yourself future if you or someone you know are a Visual Snow sufferer.

I had originally written pages of future explanation regarding the visual aspects in a discussion, but I was naive and didn’t make a backup before some administrators decided to delete the whole thing because of some ignorant members, who decided to run rampant with a religious debate in my thread.

But here is the imagery I created to accompany it. If you are interested in knowing more about Visual Snow, then feel free to hit me up.

The idea of transparency can’t be applied to colours.

Contrasts are what you consciously notice in your Visual Snow. Visual Snow as a condition do not change according to what you see.