The original drawing is by Bruce Timm. all credit goes to him.

I blocked in the shades like I did in my perspective drawing.

Since there are much more advanced shapes and there are characters in this drawing I decided to give it some detailed shading, I only added to the characters, so they will pop out and be seen.

I then did the colouring and I ended up again with a way too desaturated result, which I first realized upon seeing it on the school’s monitors.


For the final result I did some tweaking with how light and dark it all were by changing the colour of the shading blocking. I also tweaked with the colours, I started out having a problem with the lightningstrike taking up too much attention as it was originaly a lightblue colour, I changed it to be a little more desaturated than the rest of the background as it in the original also were merged with the rest of the background.

This is all my work combined while the original Bruce Timm drawing removed.