Start 2009

First year final – Solo Game Project – 3 weeks.

End 2011

  • 160 hours of Entrepreneur/Innovation and After Effects instruction at North Seattle Community College.
  • Trained web-integrator at 3D College Denmark in Grenaa.
  • 1 year 3D College Grenaa on Entrepreneur education line.
  • GameJam Grenaa 2011 winner.




In April I entered a GameJam called GameJam Grenaa which is the first of its kind in Grenaa, the prize was an xBox to each member of the winning team, the contestants were all scrambled into random teams so I guess there were luck involved 😛


Each team had 5 members.


The GameJam went for 48 hours of nonstop work.


I created these models for my team:


I also made the concept and animated the character, I did some more texture work, but there were trouble brining them into the game.


I also did some sound/music, the only reason was that I had 1 day experience in Audacity which is more than any of the other in the team xD


My team created a game we called Laser Gears which can be downloaded and played here: http://www.mediafire…6ieibn96nr8ks7b


The Judges were Morten Iversen, Mads Bøgerskov and Jakob Møller.


Morten Iversen and Mads Bøgerskov is from Unity Studio.


Morten Iversen has played an important role in the creation of the Hitman series.


Jakob Møller is from Kiloo.



I’m the second from the left in the picture.


The Article:…elt/GameJam.pdf (Danish)