Quick Todo list

It is time to get that engine started!

So let us see what needs to be done:

1) Find a host (would like one that can both PHP and ASPX) .aspx is important as that is what I am working with.

2) Get whatever I’ve made, at the time I get a host that let’s me use .aspx, up on polyboom.dk

3) Finish the site (make note of what is needed to declare it “finished”)

4) Make the short-film and put together a portfolio with showreel.

5) promote the site by showing off the short-film.

6) get in touch with people from the film and advertising industries and get a job.

I’ve just checked my e-mail and I’ve got some updates of my sites design that Michael Christensen is brewing on.

He loves to make designs for sites and is helping me a lot by doing the design for me!

He is working together with some of his friends to make a site called Envizo, he ones had one by himself called Kewl-Design.


Designs can be seen here and here



[FONT=”Verdana”]Hi, I haven’t blogged here for ages, I could blame it on the fact that I managed to get myself banned from here, but I’ve actually not given this blog a though, I’ve been doing so much recently and I think it is finally time to take a little rest and put everything up on the screen, I find this blog a great way to see my skills develop.[/FONT]

[B][SIZE=”3″]Update on my Zebra/Horse[/SIZE][/B]

[URL=”http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/8506/horsy.jpg”][COLOR=”Lime”]Image of Horse with Armor[/COLOR][/URL]

The horse has gotten some armour and has been tweaked a lot, right now it is on the shelf collecting dust as I still don’t like it enough to proceed to unwrap and texture it, or maybe I am just afraid.

[B][SIZE=”3″]neab related[/SIZE][/B]

[URL=”http://img576.imageshack.us/img576/6508/wallpaperv.jpg”][COLOR=”lime”]neab related image (Be warned, not worth looking at)[/COLOR][/URL]

When I found the picture posted on neab I put a little time into making a new wallpaper for myself, it didn’t stay on the screen for long as..

[B][SIZE=”3″]New Big Project[/SIZE][/B]
My new big project is by myself, meaning no team to drag me down!

I’ve always wanted to make a series of smaller clip with some funny characters doing comedy sketches.

I have learned to use a program called MatchMover which allows me to put my 3D models into real film (There are two examples on my youtube right now, link to my profile is future down)

But now, say hello to the cast!

[URL=”http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/5928/sawesomebaggrundupdated.jpg”][SIZE=”4″][B][COLOR=”lime”]The Cast![/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/URL]

(it is my current wallpaper, also, it is old versions of the characters, there have been major changes, but I can’t render a new version right now as I am rendering something else :P)

(I’ve recently used the RedBot in a video for GGW, which I will talk about longer down)


Hyper and always Happy, very careless and often gets people in trouble.

Design: Microphone, (Jets?).


Wise and slow talking Bot, he is the one who comes up with plans when needed.

Design: Parts resembling a beard and old man looking.


Always in a bad mood, Angry as hell and always
growling, even when he speaks. (Swears?)

Design: Parts that looks like weapons and cool stuff.


The baby Bot, it is only the ball part and have a blank green eye.
(But maybe got a surprisingly awesome transformation form?)

Design: Exists only as a Ball with a blank eye in it.


The girl Bot, she likes to dance and sing with YellowBot.

Design: Microphone, hair-like cylinders at top.

In the beginning I was a little concerned as to if I should continue as I wasn’t happy with the results, you will probably know why when you see the difference between now and then.

([URL=”http://img830.imageshack.us/img830/5679/diffoldnewn.jpg”][COLOR=”Lime”]Old vs. New[/COLOR][/URL])



Geeks Gone Wild – loading.. (GGW) for short is a danish computer party with 117 attenders that I attended last weekend, overall it was great, but there were a few disappointments such as they couldn’t pronounce my username correct (Everyone in Denmark can’t, I think it is a sickness related to being Danish, but.. why do I not have it?)

I attended a contest called GGW Demo where we should put together a video that would then be shown to everyone, the theme was.. there was no theme, we were at free hands, so I decided to create a video that should be a demonstration of GGW, I wanted to put gameplay of people from the party playing, sadly I did not own half of the games that was played and ended up only showing gameplay from TMNations Forever, where everything else was unrelated to the contests, except for a little CS1.6 too, but I played against bots as no one was on at the time I decided to record 😡

Geeks Gone Wild, seemed to really like the “- loading..” thing so I decided to put loading screens of all the games with contests in my video too.

The video should of course also contain some awesome 3D and music so I crafted together some ugly as hell guitar and made some cool animation.

The music was found on Newgrounds and put in with Sony Vegas Studio, which I also used for some blur effects, padding and a lot more.

We are actually learning to use Adobe After Effects right now, I wish we had learned that before the GGW event instead of afterwards xD

There is even some Quakelive in the video! Sadly I only managed to play that single round while at the GGW, it was against online opponents too and one from the computer party sadly.

I didn’t win the contest, but I did learn a lot from doing the video and I’ve gotten the idea to make some introduction videoes to the cast of my project, like the beginning of the video and I am actually rendering a first version of the GreenBot introduction right now.

That is it for now, hope if was a good read, please tell me what you think .:)

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Polyboom is going live!

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