The heroes in the short-film are the 5 robotic characters (image link)

I will be making 4 short introduction videos, one for each character (except Blue and Yellow, which will have one together), what I want to obtain by making those is a better understanding of the process, learning some cool effects and tools and expressing the characters to myself.

I currently have 2 of the shorts in the works, Greenbot and Whitebots.

Here is a list of the introductions and a short description of what they will contain.

Description: Greenbot will be showing off by rolling down and ending in a slow-motion jump towards the camera, the Greenbot will be showing nervousness and look cute.

Description: The scene will be a house which Whitebot has crashed down and into, it will start in bird-perspective and end in bird-perspective, the camera will start off slowly moving down to Whitebot as he will be making attention with his eye, as it will be shut off (no light) and half way down begin to flicker on and off right until the camera gets close to him and his eye will turn on and blink, afterwards the tempo will increase and the camera will be showing off the environment and end up looking at the sky. (Whitebot flying up like a rocket?)

Description: This introduction will be filled with action as RedBot will be in his past on the battlefield, he will be shot and his speakers will be damaged and that will be the explanation of his growling.

YellowBot & BlueBot
Description: Will be dancing together and performing a song, I want to make it look like they sing the song even though they do not have a mouth, I will do that by nodding the head and by blinking with the eye (both actual blinking and light).