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Visuel HF Final Project


My final project on the Visuel HF education was very chaotic, but also a lot of fun, it was truthfully a journey which involved exploring new grounds and getting new insight and reaching new discoveries.

I’ve attached some design-documents down below including the prints for the cardgame that resulted from my project and was used as a medium to create my artistic piece.


Documents: ahm-eksamen14 Billedkunst Eksamen Spillets_Design_Dokument

Print and play: PrintFile_Black PrintFile_Blue PrintFile_Red PrintFile_White

We all have it, yet we feel alone

Sideroad Sideroad2 Sideroad3 Sideroad4 Sideroad5 Sideroad6 Sideroad7 Sideroad8

Blindfold Final

I’ve ended up with some very undefined and poor drawings, but I’ve used it for myself as a proof of concept.

Page1 Page2 Page3 Page4 Page5 Page6 Page7Sideroad

Blindfold Update

Blindfold001 Blindfold004 Stylizing_Daaamn
Blindfold001 Blindfold004


Blindfold – Progressing Page

This is my current process throughout building up a page for Blindfold.

Process1 Process2 Process3 Process4Process5Process6

Skitser – de tager ikke så langt tid

Klik på et billede for at blive taget til dets side, derefter klik på billedet igen for at se det i fuld størrelse.

Langtisstudier – de tager tid

3 2 1

2 Langtidsstudier

3 Timer

2 Timer

Croquis – Construction

Sketch Dump

Tre dage, tre personer, tre vidt forskellige ønsker; opklaring, opgivelse og accept. En har ønsket længe bag alkohol, humour og skærm, der hviskes og undres bag min ryg. En anden har sendt sit ønske, men har ikke viljen til at træde frem og vise sin dedikation, dog ønskes der stadigt. Den sidste announcerede sit ønske til hele fællesskabet, som var det opfyldt, dog ventes stadigt mit svar. Kujoner, træd frem, gør det klart, det JERES mål.

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